photo by Zac Skinner

photo by Zac Skinner

Not an Ending at All

May 10-12th, 2018 8pm at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn

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Not an Ending at All is an evening-length work which explores the homes we build for the spirits that haunt us. Inspired by the Buddhist teachings on Hungry Ghosts and a deleted scene from Fred Astaire's Second Chorus, the two performers navigate an intimate world carefully guarded by a chorus of personal apparitions. The dance seeks out the hidden parts of everyday narratives and the internal spaces we make for them. The eeriest haunting is a haunting of the home. It is unclear who is in charge. It is unclear to whom this home belongs.  Threatening and yet strangely loving, this work questions what comes after a life of haunting? What happens when a ghost dies?

Performed by a+s works, with guest performers Ben Forster, Eric Diehl, Christopher Hollowell, and Stephanie Rooker, featuring music by composer Matt Wiggers.

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Because ultimately haunting is about how to transform a shadow of a life into an undiminished life who shadows touch softly in the spirit of peaceful reconciliation. In this necessarily collective undertaking, the end, which is not an ending at all, belongs to everyone.
— - avery f. gordon