Yoga Therapy is the adaptation of yoga for the multi-dimensional needs of an individual. For practitioners who wish to take their work deeper, students with special considerations of all varieties, people dealing with injury or illness, or busy beings who can’t fit a yoga class into their life, there is a way to design practice around you.

Sarah offers individual sessions in her home, your home, or video conference, including a free consultation to answer any questions and concerns you might have.


What is personal practice?

Our work together begins with a conversation. In our initial consultation, we discuss whatever comes up for you: physical goals or concerns, elements of your life that you wish to address through practice, and emotional and spiritual considerations. Through that conversation, we build a practice to address your individual needs. Every practice is unique, pulling from the many tools of yoga including physical postures, breath work, meditation, visualization, chanting, and creative practice, based solely on what will serve you. 

How we work together is also individual. For some students, once they become comfortable they will practice daily on their own, usually for about three months per practice with occasional check-ins until they are ready to progress. For others, the support of a teacher in the room is more appropriate, and instead prefer to practice with me weekly.

There is an approach for every body, every budget, every stage of life. 

How can practice serve me?

A regular yoga practice brings together the mind, body, breath, and awareness, allowing the therapeutic tools of yoga to work deeply and profoundly. Physical practice creates space and mobility where there is tension, stability where there is weakness and imbalance, while the integration of the breath brings all these elements together. By cultivating our attention in our body and our breath, we find connections and support in ourselves that otherwise go undiscovered. Regardless of what tools we use to find this connection (in physical postures, breath work, meditation, chanting and so on) the stilling of our awareness helps us do more in our body, to see more in our life, to sit with our experience and face our habits, and to find space around our actions and reactions. We become embodied.

Practice can help with:

  • Building strength, mobility, and ease in movement

  • Physical imbalance, both structural and systemic

  • Respiratory problems

  • Chronic pain

  • Development of healthy habits

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Anxiety, depression, stress, sitting with emotional states

  • Recovery from injury and countering treatment. I specialize in working with cancer patients during and post treatment.

Schedule a Session

Initial 90 minute session: Our first session will allow a little more time than a typical session to give us a chance to talk about your needs, your goals, and your life so Sarah can design an initial practice for you. We will go through this practice together to make sure it is comfortable for you, and then she will draw out your practice using Desikachar's system of stick figures so that you can feel confident practicing at home on your own.

Building your practice: We will build on your initial practice in these 60 minute sessions. In each session, Sarah will check in on where you are that day, what has changed for you since the last meeting, and will continue to evolve your practice based on your needs.

These sessions can be in-person, or online via video conference.

Payment to the Teacher

Sarah works by dana, which is a Buddhist practice that invites the student to consider the meaning and value of the teachings they have received, and to give payment that reflects how they wish to support the teacher's ability to continue this work. Typically, dana for a private session is given on a sliding scale between $50-$100 per session for Hudson Valley clients and online sessions. For Westchester, NYC clients, or sessions requested in a public studio space, please contact me for rates. Packages of classes are also available.

I do ask all students to maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy. If sessions are not cancelled within 24 hours of the start time, full payment is expected.

Hear from other students about how practice serves them:

My particular practice is essential in grounding me both mentally and physically while working within an unpredictable and - at times - chaotic vocation. Through the practice, I have become more in touch with my breathing which has enabled a deeper cultivation of peace of mind. Because I take this time daily, I feel I am better able to balance all that I do throughout the day bringing a newfound sense of energy, focus and clarity.”
— ben t.
I have found over time that these practices have greatly helped to give me sturdier ground to stand on. They provide me with a clearer view of my relationships, my habits, my actions and my interactions. This balance has helped bring a certain level of peace and acceptance for myself and my world and a greater ability to engage with it. I am very grateful for this for as someone who has had struggles with depression and anxiety. I have more faith in my ability to deal with whatever will come my way.
— julia g.
I believe there is a connection between the mind and body that is inextricable. Unfortunately, in my work (and play), I tend to get wrapped up and consumed in the mind, and as a result neglect my body. Yoga is the way I return to the body, but also the mind...not the superficial intellectual mind, but the deeper mind. Without my practice, I would get stuck in the intellect, and lose the deeper connection—which happens to improve my ability to be present at work, at play, and in my relationships
— david d.