Book Group

This very special program combines self study, home practice, and community learning for an in-depth exploration of a variety of texts on Yoga, Buddhism, philosophy, and spiritual study. This book club is an opportunity to build sangha, or a community of seekers, in a spirit of individual exploration and is perfect for all of us non-joiners.


Workshops / Retreats

Intensive learning in these workshops and retreats is intended to grow study of yogic teachings and self inquiry, develop new techniques and understanding of the physical, breath, and awareness work of yoga, and build lasting community. 


Teacher Trainings 

Sarah is teaching faculty for three current trainings. Her speciality is teaching Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, Pranayama, Observation, Therapeutics, and Meditation.

You can learn with Sarah through these three organizations:

Elevate Yoga's 200 Hr Training / January through June 2019

Yoga Foundation's Training / January 2019

Love is Juniper 200hr Training / January 2019

If you are interested in having Sarah teach in your training, get in touch below.