Yoga and Meditation

Personalized yoga and meditation that speaks to your life and your focus, be it healing pain, reducing stress, deepening your yoga or spiritual practice, or creating support for your relationships and goals.



Yoga is relationship, and the student-teacher relationship is an honor to cultivate and protect. Mentorship is the key to ensuring the development and uprightness of our teachings.

Workshops / Study

photo by Ethan Harrison

photo by Ethan Harrison

Opportunities to deepen your practice and study of yoga, meditation, self study, spiritual teachings, and therapeutic care.



A zen chant reminds us "life and death are of supreme importance." Contemplative caregiving holds space for taking on the dying process as an act of aliveness, our final threshold in spiritual practice, and an opportunity to care for ourselves and those we leave behind.

long calm strong

long calm strong

When we commit to practice, we are acknowledging the whole pathway of our life. May your practice support each step of your long path.

When we are connected to a quality of calm, we can face anything. May you build a relationship with the qualities which sustain you.

The quality and commitment of our practice becomes a sturdy foundation on which to care for our life. May you feel the strength of an embodied practice.

Sarah’s clear and thoughtful guidance as a teacher has been a great asset in my life. She speaks truthfully and compassionately. Her extensive experience as well as her scholarly knowledge are a wealth any student would be lucky to draw from.
— julia g.
Before taking up yoga with Sarah, aging and injuries had become real inhibitors to an active lifestyle that includes climbing and skiing. Sarah’s instruction has been tremendously helpful. Not only am I still able to pursue these activities but to do so at a higher level than ever.
— tim f.
Yoga has become essential for me to be in touch with the whole. I am grateful that I found Sarah, and her teaching has helped me refine that purpose. I feel blessed.
— david d.