Why mentorship

Teacher training in the west often skips one of the most essential parts of the yogic process: the recognition that yoga is an experiential philosophy, a path which does not end at 200 hours. As a teacher in certification programs, I have watched students who after their training program have no support for the questions that continue to evolve and appear once they have entered the true work of teaching yoga to real people. The foundation for a strong and enduring life as a teacher is the path of the acharya: one who is on the evolving, life-long path of yoga, and who is supported by a consistent relationship with a teacher. Mentorship is the opportunity to build a life as a teacher which is grounded in reflection, curiosity, and ethical accountability.

Guidance for mentorship

As Desikachar said, the two things required of a teacher are that we do our practice and we care about people. Our work together in mentorship is grounded in the ethical precepts of the Yoga Sutras: ahimsa (non-violence), satya (honesty), asteya (not stealing), brahmacharya (moderation in our actions), and aparigraha (non-greed). The deep exploration of these concepts in our teaching and our life illuminate the student-teacher relationship, the areas where we can be more thoughtful and effective, and how to develop those relationships over time. Our work is also guided by the method of Krishnamacharya's teachings, which emphasizes how to individualize practice for our students to help them go deeper, address imbalance, and consistently evolve practice.

How it works

This one-on-one mentorship program begins with a 3 or 6 month commitment, with bi-monthly meetings, opportunities to observe each other teach, contemplative assignments and deeper study suggestions, and time to discuss and question together. After the initial, more intensive commitment, mentorship evolves into an ongoing, fluid relationship for as long as it serves the student. This could mean a check-in every few months, or just knowing that there is someone there for you when you have questions or concerns as a teacher.

3 month intensive = $525

6 month intensive = $900

After initial intensive, we transition to regular private session rate

If you are interested in mentorship and would like to have a conversation to see if it is right for you, please fill out the form below.

Mentorship with Sarah has helped me to truly see the students that come to my classes; to truly feel a relationship with each student, with deep attention to posture, ethics, and honor for the lineage of my own practice. I feel able to provide thoughtful instruction with heartfelt intention, and a curiosity which leads me to continued study.
— Carla T.
Working with Sarah has allowed my teaching to blossom. Her knowledge of the body and the way it moves complimented my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I was able to take what I knew and work towards viewing the postures through the function of the spine. By adding this new way of looking at students I was able to better discern when an adjustment or modification was appropriate. Her respect for me as an apprentice showed greatly when I had questions or concerns. Sarah was attentive, open, honest and willing to let me find the answers to my questions on my own time. This type of support gave me more confidence that my intuition was leading me in the right direction. Working with Sarah has been such a pleasure; I am so grateful for the community she has built and the studies she is so willing to share. My practice has grown tremendously because of the way she guided me through this apprenticeship and has helped to build the foundation of my teachings.
— Alexa L.
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